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Braun design

The new Braun design language

The new Braun design language

It is time for Braun to again become the design brand that it was in the past: strong, innovative and renowned for its modern, functional design. This is what our philosophy “Strength of Pure” stands for – it is the basis and standard for our new design language. Only products that fully comply with this new guideline will bear our logo in the future. The foundations are laid. Braun Design is back.

Our new Braun design language takes up the legendary legacy of Dieter Rams and his colleagues, above all by adopting their mindset and following their search for appliances that are readily comprehensible and superbly functional down to the smallest detail. It is this approach that inspires our design endeavors today.

Braun might be looking back, but this gaze is also a look forward into a new future: past forward. Always with the clear objective of transporting the radically reduced forms into the present, of creating something new – but without ruling out one or another design element of the past.

An example of this is the Series 5 shaver, whose recessed pattern on the handle references the familiar hard-and-soft technology of the Micron from the 1980s. The pattern alludes to the Braun tradition while also improving the grip of the soft material encasing the shaver. Similarly, the combination of black and silver draws on Braun’s history without making things nostalgic. 

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