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Braun and sustainable development

We know that, as a big company, we can make a real difference to our world. We have always taken this responsibility seriously and today it is at the centre of everything that we do. Our heritage in sustainable development reaches back to the 50s and was captured by Braun’s former Head of Design Dieter Ram’s timeless words, “Good design is concerned with the environment. It can and must contribute to the maintenance and protection of resources.”

Today, we are following a clear and unwavering path towards sustainability. Our parent company, P&G, has laid out and reiterated sustainability strategies in five core areas: products; operations; social responsibility; employees; and stakeholders. These strategies guide our own efforts to develop in a way that is best for our consumers, for the environment, and for societies we touch. To this end, we launched the multifunctional Braun sustainability taskforce in 2007, whose mission is to assess current sustainability levels and to advise how we can improve further.

So what have we done and what are we doing today?

Sustainability development through our products

Sustainable development through our products

Braun ensures that the appliances we produce and market empower consumers to reduce their own environmental impact.
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Sustainability development through our operations

Sustainability development through our operations

Braun is continually reducing the environmental effect of its manufacturing operations around the world and has already made significant progress.
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Sustainability development through our actions

Sustainable development through our actions

Braun is continually investing in social programmes which help improve the lives of the underprivileged, e.g. the education and health of needy children.
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Spreading the word


As we strive to develop in the most sustainable way possible, we know that we can make an even bigger difference by encouraging our partners to follow our lead. We want to pass on our knowledge and enthusiasm to suppliers, distributors, retailers and whoever else we work with so that sustainable development becomes a priority all the way through the value chain. For example, through the P&G sustainable supplier network we work with our suppliers to further reduce the environmental footprint.

Above all, we are achieving this by setting the best example that we can, taking a public lead in initiatives such as the European Recycling Platform and the move to energy efficient products, and by delivering our significant contribution to meet P&G’s ambitious sustainable goals